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2018-04-19Writing with Medium
2017-04-30Ten Tips from a Year of Blogging
2016-05-01Life of a Contractor

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2017-05-143 (5) Podcasts for Umbraco Developers
2017-01-29Podcasts for Remote Working
2017-01-22Podcasts for Professional Development
2016-08-14Podcasts 6: Finding New Podcasts
2016-07-31Podcasts 5: Podcasts for .NET and SQL Server
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2016-06-26Podcasts 3: Podcasts for Contractors
2016-06-19Podcasts 2: Podcasts for Developers
2016-06-05Podcasts 1: Your Learning Made Easy

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2018-02-08Learning Python on Your Smartphone
2017-04-23Beyond the Editor of PyCharm Community Edition
2017-04-02Editing Code with PyCharm Community Edition
2017-03-05Python: Jumpstart with Talk Python Training
2017-02-05Development Environments (IDEs) for Python
2016-12-18Python: Resources
2016-11-13Python: Why Should You be Interested?


2017-02-12Writing Presentations in R Markdown
2017-01-15A Guidebook to R
2016-10-23R: Entering the Hadleyverse
2016-09-25R: Best Practices of R
2016-08-28R: Getting involved in Packages
2016-07-17R: Some Useful Commands
2016-07-03R: Setting up your Environment
2016-06-12R: 5 Tutorials to get you Started
2016-05-29R: A Guide for Developers

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2018-03-08Using Randomisers for Decisions, Ideas and Fun
2018-02-22Launching on Patreon
2018-01-255 Useful Randomisation Tools
2018-01-11Choosing Python for Data Generation
2017-04-16Randomisation and 5 Areas it is Used

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2017-03-26Wanting to Remote Pair in a Team of One
2017-02-19Remote Working for Developers
2017-01-29Podcasts for Remote Working
2017-01-08Pomodoro and Organising the Day
2016-12-04Remote Working: Resetting Your Day
2016-11-27Resources for Remote Working
2016-11-20Remote Working: People in your Life
2016-10-09Remote Working: Somewhere to Work
2016-09-11Remote Working: The Basics

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2017-12-28Ten Ways to Find Speakers for Meetups
2017-12-14Formats for Your Tech Meetup - More Alternatives
2017-11-30Formats for Your Meetup - Tech Alternatives
2017-11-02Formats for Your Tech Meetup - Socials
2017-10-19Formats for Your Meetup - Tech Talks
2017-10-05Building a Meetup Community
2017-09-21What Your Meetup can do for You
2017-09-07What You can do for Your Meetup
2017-08-24Running a Tech Meetup in a Small City
2017-08-10Getting Started With Tech Meetups
2017-06-11After the Tech Conference
2017-06-04Things to Do At the Con
2017-05-21Plan for Tech Conferences in 7 Ways
2016-05-15SQL Server Community

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2017-03-12Code Editor or IDE?
2016-07-31Podcasts 5: Podcasts for .NET and SQL Server
2016-06-19Podcasts 2: Podcasts for Developers
2016-05-29R: A Guide for Developers

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2017-07-23Code Garden Chats III
2017-07-09Code Garden Chats II
2017-06-25CodeGarden Chats I
2017-05-28Prep for CodeGarden
2017-05-143 (5) Podcasts for Umbraco Developers
2017-05-07umBristol - Tech and Community for 7+ Years
2017-04-095 Quick Resources for Umbraco
2017-03-19Articulate Blog for Umbraco
2017-02-26Umbraco: UmbCardiff doing Community Right
2017-01-01Umbraco: Certification
2016-12-11Umbraco: Getting Started
2016-11-06Choosing a Specialisation: Umbraco