What You can do for Your Meetup

What You can do for Your Meetup

So you want your tech meetup or tech community to succeed but can only make the odd meetup, if that.

We look at a few ways you may be able to help out, even without turning up.

The Basics

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  • Click "Going" to an event. Meetups need sign-ups, so click yes to an event even if you're not 100% sure. The act of saying yes can be a powerful first step.
  • Go along. Meetups need people at events, so try out your meetup. If the subject doesn't interest you, then focus on what people go, how welcoming they are, and how it is run.
  • Find active groups you like. Meetups need interested people. Find the active tech meetups available to you and choose the one(s) you like. Large group with no recent meetups are not active! Exeter is small but has active meetups for Tech, Digital, Python, .NET, R, Data Science, SQL Server, Blogging and Functional Programming.

Help without Going Along

  • Spread the word. Meetups need publicity. Tell friends, colleagues and family who might be interested. I promoted a new AWS meetup on my current work slack channel.
  • Support the community Meetups need a healthy community Interact and join on social media, comment on the meetup, give reviews, forge friendships. At Exeter Python we are on twitter and slack, have coffee meets and send regular updates.
  • Build the knowledge. Meetups need questions Ask questions of your meetup on social media and help answer questions of others. It's all about solving problems.

Helping at the Meetup

  • Interact with people Meetups want people to come back Welcome new members, chat to those you recognise, talk the to the organisers if in doubt.
  • Offer talks or help Meetups need people to organise and talk. Many tech events have talks so welcome offers of talks. You could also help with setting up, meet and greet, running social media or gathering folk for drinks afterwards.
  • Suggest an event. Meetups need new ideas, so suggest an event or social you don't see. Maybe you could become an Event Organiser working as part of the meetup team.

What if I CanĀ“t find a meetup?

  • Start your own. Meetups need someone to start them. If you don't the meetup you need, you can start your own!

We've covered 10 ways to help out your local meetups. Leave a comment with any other meetup suggestions and next we look at What Your Meetup can do for You.


Duncan Thomson

A Remote Software and Database Contractor specialised in Umbraco, Duncan works from wherever he finds himself. He is the co-organiser of the Python Exeter and Data Science Exeter meetup groups and speaks about Remote Working, Umbraco, Python and .NET Outside of work he is keen on travel, random generation, foreign languages and good food.

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