Using Randomisers for Decisions, Ideas and Fun

Using Randomisers for Decisions, Ideas and Fun

A randomiser could be a dice roll, an online generator or a draw from a deck of cards.

Recently I highlighted some useful Random Generators, but why might you use (or build) a randomiser?

For Decision-Making

There are times when you can't make a decision, don't won't to, or several of you can't agree. Perhaps you can't decide who should go first in a board game or where you want to go for lunch.

Here a randomiser can make the decision for you, as long as people are willing to stick to a decision. It means people who dislike the result can blame it on fate or chance instead of having a particular focus.

You might use it to choose between two gas suppliers or which book to read next. I recently used it to decide where to go for a birthday trip.

For Inspiration and Ideas

Random generators are useful for giving you inspiration and ideas. They might make you go down routes you wouldn't normally consider or give you a place to start on an unusual project

We use this a lot in roleplaying game, with random tables for character name or who might be encounter at the ruined watchtower.

If you have ever done improv then you may have made scenes based on a relationship, object or emotion (or all 3). A randomiser could easily be built around this such as a deck of cards for Relationships, Objects and Emotions.

This Plot Generator highlights this in action

For Experimentation and Entertainment

Generators can also be used or created for fun, with examples such as the IT Department Generator or My Little Pony names.

Or you might use them a bit like gambling without the potential of massive debt. Use a travel generator for your next holiday destination or shake up your routine with a random new restaurant for dinner.

Lastly you might use it to push you into something you wouldn't normally try such as a random Meetup or suggest a movie to watch from a top 10 list of a random genre.

What Are Your Experiences?

So maybe you have used generators for decisions, inspiration or fun...what was your experience?

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