Umbraco: Certification

Umbraco: Certification

Umbraco, the Content Management System, has long had a certification system, and this was updated in 2016 to the current points based system.

Training is generally done in person at one of the courses in Europe or North America. There is an on-site option available for companies with more people to train.

I completed the Umbraco Fundamentals in August 2016 in London and am returning in 2017 to complete two more 1 day courses.

Who Might Consider It

With a (rightfully) healthy scepticism for certifications in the tech world, why would you want to complete the Umbraco certifications, at a cost in time and money to yourself or your company?

  • You are a company wanting to bring developers quickly up to speed on Umbraco or particular aspects of Umbraco
  • You have inherited an Umbraco site or sites and want to learn enough about Umbraco to be productive
  • You are a developer (or company employing a developer) wanting to extend existing knowledge of Umbraco
  • You are a company with no Umbraco expertise in-house but want to start using it to build sites
  • You are a company wanting to become an Umbraco Certified Partner
  • You are familiar with older versions of Umbraco and want to see what has changed.
  • You are a freelance or contract developer who wants to learn more about Umbraco and do some networking

Benefits of Certification

Firstly, the training will cover areas of Umbraco familiar and unfamiliar. Even if you know it well there may be things you don't understand or want to ask questions on. There will more than likely be things you may not have been aware of it

Secondly it is a recognised certification in the world of Umbraco, which may help secure work and employment.

Lastly is the people you will meet on the course, giving you people to compare experiences with, ask technical questions of and build relationships for the future.


There is a not insignificant cost in time and money for the certifications, and there may not be any near to your current location. And having a certification is no substitute for actual experience in a technology.

The only person who can decide if it is worth it is you.

Personally, I´ll probably do all of the courses in due time.


Duncan Thomson

A Remote Software and Database Contractor specialised in Umbraco, Duncan works from wherever he finds himself. He is the co-organiser of the Python Exeter and Data Science Exeter meetup groups and speaks about Remote Working, Umbraco, Python and .NET Outside of work he is keen on travel, random generation, foreign languages and good food.

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