R: Entering the Hadleyverse

R: Entering the Hadleyverse

Finishing off our series on R started off by R: A Guide for Developers, we look at the Hadleyverse.

Hadley and his Contributions

If you've been using R for at least a little while you've probably encountered Hadley Wickham or his work. He's currently the chief scientist at R studio and is responsible for many contributions to the world of R.

Hadley has contributed many packages and helped bring in some more modern aspects of programming to R. His productivity is explained in his own words.

Guides to the Hadleyverse

The Hadleyverse is a group of R packages written by Hadley which from data manipulation and plotting to unit testing and package creation.

A guide to the packages can be found at the Hitchhiker's guide to the Hadleyverse. An alternative guide kept on github can be found at Packages of the Hadleyverse.

Selected Packages

The first package from the highlight I'd like to highlight is testhat, a package for writing unit tests in R. This was the first major package for unit tests in R (another being RUnit).

The second I'd like to highlight are RStudio's recommended Package Development Tools. These reference the Hadleyverse package devtools are make generating packages much easier!

Wrap up

This is the end of the development series for R! By now you should have enough to get serious with R!

Happy coding!



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