R: 5 Tutorials to get you Started

So you want to learn R, and want somewhere to start off.

Maybe you want to dive into stats and making fancy graphs. Or you want to look at syntax.

Maybe you're interested in the various packages and how to go about making your own.

Here are 5 Tutorials to get you started

1 - Data Camp

This offers a detailed interactive introduction to R, with more of a data science slant than other tutorials.

You will need to register on the site for this one tho.

Data Camp Free Introduction to R

2 - Tutorials Point

Possibly the most comprehensive tutorial listed here with a programmer´s slant, this one comes from a website with many different tutorials on various technical subjects.

Goes into detail about many different areas of R with options to try out each lesson in a browser IDE.

 Tutorials Point R Tutorial

3 - Shiny with RStudio

Shiny is an important package for R which allows comprehensive visualisation and interactive charts and graphs.

RStudio has a number of tutorials, including a good place to start with Shiny.

Shiny Tutorial with RStudio

4 - R Markdown with RStudio

R Markdown is used to author presentations and reports using a simple syntax.

This second tutorial from RStudio goes through the basics needed to create dynamic documents which ca be out put to HTML, PDF and other formats.

R Markdown Tutorial with RStudio

5 - An Academic Approach to R

This tutorial is a more academic approach to R, designed for students of the University of Georgia.

It offers a more statistics-based approach to the materials.

R Tutorial from Cyclismo.org


Duncan Thomson

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