Life of a Contractor

Life of a Contractor

Welcome to my first blog post at Banoffee Solutions blog! I'm starting my blog with an article on my first talk, Life of a Contractor! Other articles on the blog will concentrate on subjects around life in contracting, .NET and Data Science.

The talk was given for the Taunton Developers Meetup on 14th April 2016 about the ins and outs of being a tech contractor in the UK market. The slides are available on RPubs under the title Life of a Contractor.

I've been a contractor since January 2014 working in the South West of England and concentrating on getting work near to my home city of Exeter, but feel I've had a broad experience in my first couple of years that was worth sharing.

I've worked contracts through an umbrella company and via a limited company, for both the public and private sectors, from home, in an agile team and not-so-agile teams. I've driven two hours on the Monday, stayed in lodgings for the week and driven home Friday evening for the duration of the project.

The slides themselves were written in R Markdown and took around an hour to put together, although longer was taken in working out the topics and areas for the talk. I'm only beginning my journey in learning R but this was easy to learn and meant I could continue to avoid PowerPoint slides. Having got the first talk out of the way I'm working on improving the presentation and looking at some of the other things that can be done in R Markdown.

If anyone is interested in learning more about my talk then leave me a comment here or tweet me on @DuncanThom. I'm also giving the same talk for .NET South West and TechExeter, although the Exeter requires me fitting an hour-long talk into 10-15 minutes! There will most likely be a follow up blog post for Life of a Contractor 2.0.






Duncan Thomson

A Remote Software and Database Contractor specialised in Umbraco, Duncan works from wherever he finds himself. He is the co-organiser of the Python Exeter and Data Science Exeter meetup groups and speaks about Remote Working, Umbraco, Python and .NET Outside of work he is keen on travel, random generation, foreign languages and good food.

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