A Guidebook to R

A Guidebook to R

With the continuing rise in popularity of Data Science and the integration of R into the Microsoft ecosystem it´s time to bring together several articles on R from 2016.

This is done to give you the benefits of a focused guide to the essentials of R and a little bit more.

 It is most useful for developers and those wanting to get started in data science.

Chapter 1 - An Overview Of R

 The first article looked at R from the ground up, highlighting it´s roots,  what it can do for you, some things you should know about R and a few resources which include

 Chapter 2 - Good Tutorials

 The second article brought together a list of tutorials suitable for different audiences, including ones for Shiny and R Markdown. These included

 Chapter 3 - Setting up Your Environment

 Every coder needs somewhere to build their code and the third article looks at some of the options for R. Other options were also given but the main 3 were:

 Chapter 4 - Some Useful Commands

 The fourth article looks at a few common things to look out for, how to get help, data wrangling and commands for stats.

 Chapter 5 - Getting Involved in Packages

 The fifth article highlights the importance of Packages to R and details of how to install them and where to find them

 Chapter 6 - Best Practices of R

 Every programming language has its best practices, and the sixth article looks at the how and why of this, considering styles and R specifics

Chapter 7 - Entering the Hadleyverse

The final chapter delves into the world of packages and contributions by Hadley Wickham. Noted highlights include

 In Conclusion

There are a lot of R resources included here, so get started and let us know any great resources we´ve missed!


Duncan Thomson

A Remote Software and Database Contractor specialised in Umbraco, Duncan works from wherever he finds himself. He is the co-organiser of the Python Exeter and Data Science Exeter meetup groups and speaks about Remote Working, Umbraco, Python and .NET Outside of work he is keen on travel, random generation, foreign languages and good food.

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