5 Quick Resources for Umbraco

5 Quick Resources for Umbraco

Today's offering is a few resources to help with your Umbraco experience, following on from Getting Started with Umbraco.

1) Umbraco Blog Compilation

First up is an up-to-date list of Umbraco-related blog posts over at Reddit. Kept up to date by Reddit users, primarily Bristol Umbraco user Joniff.

2) Monthly Umbraco Info on Skrift.io

For twice-monthly information on the world of Umbraco (outside of Umbraco HQ) checkout skrift.io. Skrift.io for April 2017

They have a handy list of upcoming Umbraco Conferences on the front page and also accept submissions for Umbraco writers wanting to provide them with articles.

enter image description here

3) Edition Comparison

If you're doing an upgrade then look at Compare Releases. It allows you to choose two editions and look at the differences between them, highlighting New Features, Breaking Changes and Issues & Tasks. Compare releases Between Umbraco 7.0.0 and 7.5.12 there have been 137 new features, 51 breaking changes and 1,736 issues and tasks!

4) .GitIgnore for Umbraco

If you create a new repository on Github then one of the options for your .gitignore is an Umbraco .gitignore file. A .gitignore defines what file types and folders will be ignored when doing a checkin to the git repository.

To use the umbraco .gitignore simply choose the "Add .gitignore" option when creating a new repository on github, selecting the Umbraco option [pictured below]

Umbraco .gitignore

There is another useful .gitignore sample at the Hybrid Framework for Umbraco 7 github repo.

5) uTwit for embedding Tweets in your website

The last one is more specialist, but uTwit is an Umbraco package that lets you embed tweets into your Umbraco website. This one is here also as a selfish reminder to myself. enter image description here

More Suggestions

Leave a comment or send a tweet if you've got any more suggestions on useful Umbraco resources. Especially useful would be a full list of all upcoming Umbraco conferences.


Duncan Thomson

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