3 (5) Podcasts for Umbraco Developers

3 (5) Podcasts for Umbraco Developers

I've written about podcasts before, and today I have some for Umbraco Developers.

Happy Porch

Relating experiences from a digital agency, the Happy Porch Podcast covers Umbraco for their second and current series. Season 1 was about running an agency.

Some shows are interviews and others from life in the agency itself, both having a relaxed but focused style.

Schedule: Shows are weekly and 35-45 minutes in length, with seasons covering particular topics.

Shows of Interest: Season 2, Episode 1 with Niels Hartvig, the founder of Umbraco covers the past and present of the CMS. Season 2, Episode 5 looks at Transitioning to Umbraco from your own CMS with Steve Mathew and Steve Rooke

MS Dev Show

Focused on Microsoft Technologies, the MS Dev Show is hosted by Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer. Both are heavily involved in the Microsoft world.

Shows always have an interview with a particular focus, alongside news and tips relevant to the Microsoft world and the wider development world in general. Links for a show can be found in the Show Notes on the website.

Schedule: Shows are normally every week, usually 45-60 minutes in length

Shows of Interest: Visual Studio 2017 with Amanda Silver is an interesting look at the latest version of VS. Optimizing Websites like Stack Overflow with Nick Carver looks at running websites at scale.

Coding Blocks.NET

One of the more technical podcasts, Coding Blocks is hosted by Allen Underwood, Joe Zack and Michael Outlaw. These guys go into depth around development topics, from design patterns and open software licenses to what you need to be a basic, intermediate and advanced programmer.

They are primarily .NET developers and approach topics with that in mind although the last specific show was .NET 5. Be ready for long conversations, sidetracking and talk about gaming and other geek topics. Coding Blocks encourage a strong community with a dedicated slack channel.

Schedule: Every month, with episodes between an hour and two hours.

Shows of Interest: Episode 47, which kicks off a marathon 9 episodes on topics from Clean Code, the legendary book by "Uncle Bob" Martin. Episode 38, looking at personal and team skills for a programmer, followed by two more on intermediate and advanced programmers.

Two Quick Mentions

Leave a comment if you're already a fan of any of these podcasts or if I've missed any picks for the Umbraco Developer.


Duncan Thomson

A Remote Software and Database Contractor specialised in Umbraco, Duncan works from wherever he finds himself. He is the co-organiser of the Python Exeter and Data Science Exeter meetup groups and speaks about Remote Working, Umbraco, Python and .NET Outside of work he is keen on travel, random generation, foreign languages and good food.

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